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Zero Carbon Resorts


ZCR - Zero Carbon Resorts

Type of Organisation: Enterprise

The project aims to address the concerns on the ever-increasing demand for energy consumption, a large amount of CO2 emissions from the tourism industry in the Philippines, and costs for the companies, by three steps: reduce energy consumption, replace inefficient technologies, redesign buildings and systems. CO2 neutral resources and green technologies will be implemented in small and medium-sized hotels and resorts, and added value will be created through establishing best practice showcases. Also, local production and use of renewable resources will be stimulated, and the capabilities of local engineers, managers, architects, consultants will be improved through a series of training courses.

The project applies the 3R strategy: Reduce, Replace, Redesign. The first step is to reduce the energy consumption in hotels and resorts, and the second step is to replace inefficient fossil-based devices with better, greener technologies. In the redesign stage, a showcase “Zero Carbon Cottage” will be built in Palawan, which will operate using solar- and biomass-based energy generation systems. Engineers, building and facility managers, environmental consultants, as well as hotel/resort staff members will get chances to increase their capacities and knowledge through a series of trainings. In parallel, local production of renewable materials and green technologies will be promoted.


Contact Name: Center for Appopriate Technology



This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological
development and demonstration under grant agreement no 603218.

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