Spin-off research project in Singapore and the ASEAN region based upon the FASUDIR project


Spin-off research project in Singapore and the ASEAN region based upon the FASUDIR project

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A Joint Activity of HM & NUS


To explore with the feasibility and applicability of creating a spin-off research project in Singapore and the ASEAN region based upon the FASUDIR project and also to foster cooperation and knowledge transfer between the EU and ASEAN

Activity 1:

Physical Meetings Between the research partners two physical meetings are planned in order to start the joint collaboration. The goals of the physical meetings are to develop a cooperative project proposal for a spin-off implementation project based upon the FASUDIR project in Singapore. The first physical meeting is going to be scheduled at the beginning of the initiating phase. The goal of this meeting is to kick-off the joint activities and plan the necessary steps, including communicating the physical requirements for the implementation project proposal. This would facilitate the ASEAN partner from Singapore to identify and short list potential implementation projects and sites. The second meeting is going to be scheduled at the end of the initiating phase and to be held in Singapore. In this meeting the proposal draft will be fine-tuned and pending issues should be clarified, a detailed preliminary site investigation will be conducted at the selected project site, including discussion and presentation to stakeholders involved. The funding will be used to enable a joint work flow between the partners and to foster a periodic communication.

  • An intermediate deliverable detailing the progress of the cooperation will be submitted in June 2015. It will describe the outcomes of the first physical meeting and the achieved results in the proposal preparation phase
  • A final deliverable will be submitted in February 2016 summarizing the final outcomes of the initiating phase.
  • Establishing a long-term relationship between the participating project partners in Europe and the ASEAN Region 
  • Transfer of knowledge in the fields of urban renovation, sustainability and resource efficiency between Munich University of Applied Sciences and CiBEST from NUS
  • Proposing a new joint collaboration project to implement the results of FASUDIR in the ASEAN Region
  • Adopting and validating the methods and the integrated decision support tool developed under FASUDIR research project in a real case study in a urban neighborhood in cooperation with the City of Singapore and CiBEST from NUS "
Area of Expertise:
WI, CAA, Funding through: WI
Project start year: 2015
Project end year: 2016

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological
development and demonstration under grant agreement no 603218.

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