Prospect Indonesia — Promoting Eco Friendly Indonesia Rattan Products


Prospect Indonesia — Promoting Eco Friendly Indonesia Rattan Products

The project aims at promoting sustainable production, processing and utilization of rattan products; increasing awareness, capacities and collaboration among stakeholders in the rattan value chain; and improving learning, application and replication of best practices in the rattan sector.

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Due to deforestation and over exploitation, natural rattan has become increasingly difficult to obtain resulting in collectors having to travel longer distances in search of rattan. This meant higher raw rattan prices and squeezed the income of rattan collectors which was already marginal. The situation is compounded by unsustainable collection methods that limit future availability and low capacity to process raw rattan when a government export ban takes effect. Limited knowledge and lack of access to technology for cultivation and processing if not addressed will threaten the sustainability of the sector.


The way forward:

  • Establishing or strengthening associations for farmers/collectors in the three targeted rattan producing areas and strengthening existing production associations;
  • Conducting training in rattan cultivation through creation of three demonstration sites in rattan-producing areas;
  • Strengthening linkages in rattan value chain and building mutually beneficial business partnerships;
  • Providing capacity building on sustainable rattan production fo workers and managers in production centers;
Project start year: 2013
Project end year: 2017

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological
development and demonstration under grant agreement no 603218.

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