Media Training @ 9th ASEAN Science and Technology Week 2014


Media Training @ 9th ASEAN Science and Technology Week 2014

Chances of implementation and uptake often depend on the right media exposure. This workshop will ensure that participants have the necessary media relation competence, resources and awareness of potential media players in Southeast Asia. This task will facilitate links to science media in Southeast Asia.

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Date: August 21, 2014
Location / Venue: Bogor
Country: Indonesia

SUSTAIN EU-ASEAN will provide the first, of total of three media training workshops during the ASEAN Scientific and Technology Week  to be organized in Bogor, Indonesia from 18 to 21 August 2014. Up to 15 projects will be invited to attend the training and the activities will be tailored to the needs of these projects based on an interactive methodology. Further assistance in their campaign of gaining media attention will be also provided to increase awareness on the project and therefore increase chances of result uptake.



The media workshop aims towards helping scientists and researchers to have an impact outside of the academic world. The workshop is intended to help scientists to build their skills to inform and influence policy makers and the media representative by employing techniques and tools for delivering effectively key messages about their research findings. Through various practical exercises the workshop will enhance written communication skills, presentation skills, as well as visual aspects of communicating with audience through better awareness of body language and posture. The specific objectives of the training are to:

  • Analyze media objectives and priorities;
  • Define a storyline and create persuasive message points;
  • Improve presentation skills to wider audience
  • Gain control of media interviews by using effective verbal skills;
  • Manage energy and project confidence in media interviews;

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological
development and demonstration under grant agreement no 603218.

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